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How did the pet portraits start and where are we going?

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

As a new business, one of the many challenges is to work out the ebbs and flows of the yearly calendar. Talk of recession is not a great start to 2022 for any of us but like all small business, it is something we have to meet head-on and adapt to!

Having come out of a very business period last year I've had a chance to sit back and reconsider my goals and the journey to these goals. I hope to take you with me on this great journey! Showing you insights into what's been happening and also sharing tips and the occasional promotion.

As a child, I loved to include little pictures in my stories so much so that my teacher had to tell me to stop! Too many pictures! Not enough writing!

My artistic ability came from my dads side of the family with my mum always proclaiming that she "couldn't even draw a matchstick man!'"

I remember my dad painting little oil paintings of wild birds. But things were different then...he had responsibilities... A mortgage and a family to support! Back then, there was no internet for him to share his art on. I never did get to ask him whether he would have liked to have given up his job as an electrical engineer and become an artist full time!

It is a long time since I wrote stories but hopefully, I can drag any writing skills I had forward again and learn to write about things you'll find interesting! I might not be great straight away, but bear with me! I will improve!

My first tip is ......

to take lots of photos! I know most people find their memory cards full of their Dog or Cat........or parrot, Hamster, Lizard.......whatever your love is! But you can never have too many! There will eventually come a time when you sadly, are no longer able to take anymore...and this is when you are most likely to want to commission that pet portrait! There are tips on my website, below my prices, on how to take a great photo that can be used to commission a portrait.

Don't leave it too late! Take those photos now!

Meet Bob, our last Boxer dog, who sadly crossed over to Rainbow Bridge in 2010. This photo is a lovely memory of the time we took him to his favourite beach unfortunately knowing it would be the last time although neither of us wanted to admit it!

In my next newsletter I will introduce you to my family and show you a little of my life.

Speak to you again soon! You know where I am if you need me!

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