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Pet portrait commissions...a collaboration between artist and pet owner.

I understand that approaching an artist to paint a portrait of your beloved pet can be quite scarey!

You don't know what to expect? You don't know what you can ask for, what is feasible even? For many people, you have never done this before!

This is where our 'collaboration begins....I will try to guide you as best I can through all the possibilities! From choosing the right photo to putting the right background in. But sometimes unexpected things do crop up!

I recently did a portrait for a charity auction winner ...Ruby!

Amongst the photos I was given was this one..... andit was chosen as the image to work with! Who could resist those big eager eyes!

I assumed that the big red bandana was something that Ruby wore all the time. But when I sent the first progress photo I learned that I was wrong with this assumption!

It turned out that Ruby s owner liked the fact that the scarf wasn't as big as it was in the photo, even though it was only that size because I hadn't gone any further at that time. Because we had that conversation, I was able to rub out the rest of the scarf and replace it with chest fur! If I had put the red it it may well have been impossible to change! So when you're commissioning a portrait, never be scared to ask if something is possible! Sooner, rather than later! Note to self ; always ask about collars and scarfs!!

I think Ruby came out looking rather fetching in her Kerchief!

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