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Dogrose & Catnip Commissions

Animal portrait commissions by  Lynda J Rugg. Details of how the process of hand-painted pet portraits work. From the price to what photos are best to work from.

" Wow! We are blown away with the accuracy and detail you have created for us. It is better than we could have imagined!"

Contact me TODAY to talk about a portrait of your treasured pet....

A5 -single subject/plain background  -  £95

A4 - single subject/plain background -  £195

A4 - 2 subjects/plain background - £245

A3 - single subject/plain background -  £295

A3 - 2 subjects/plain background - £345

                           20% Booking fee required before scheduling. 

close up picture of a pencil being used to paint the eye of a dog
Delivery included to England, Wales and Scotland (mainland). Delivery price to Ireland and worldwide by quote.
Extra subjects and detailed background by quote.

How it works........
1/ Just contact me with through my website or Facebook messenger.
2/ I will then ask you to email your photos with a brief explanation of what you want. ie Size, medium, and your favourite photo/pose if more than one is sent. Also your address (for quoting in the correct currency and carriage charges) and the date the portrait is required for.
3/ I will then email back a proposal with a 'mock up' image showing  size, colours, payment terms etc.
4/ I will make amendments to the proposal if required.
5/ When you are happy with the proposed portrait I will start once the 20% booking fee (non returnable)  is paid .
Photographs are best.........
taken at eye level and with detail. The light is fairly even so that both sides of Granville can be seen and his eyes are visible. 
Boxer dog with a harness
 It may also help to provide more than one photo so that fur patterns and colours can be seen clearer...
When it comes to pet portraits...the better the photo is, the clearer the detail, the easier and better the finished painting will be. These are some examples of the good...and to work from. So rather than these..............
Boxer dog on a beach
Bob is too far away and if the photo is enlarged the image could become pixilated with lack of detail.
Boxer dog on a beach
Granville is looking down here and is moving so he is blurred. It is always best to be able to see the eyes and for the photo to be clear.
Boxer puppy sat on a canal path
The photo is looking down on Granville and is very dark, with no detail on one side. .

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