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A New Adventure!...........

I recently posted this on my Facebook and Instagram page. After years of doing things a safe, sensible way, I decided to take the biggest gamble of my life! I handed my notice in as a kitchen designer to become a full-time artist and dog walker!

I had got to that grand age of 60 and decided that if I didn't take the risk now....I never would!

So here I am. Drawing, painting, posting, advertising, and blogging for my life! My future! For the first time, it's up to me to make it happen! With Granville for company!

I have started doing the local Craft Fairs in an attempt to 'get myself known', to chat with people, and to add to my subscriber's list so that we can all keep in touch. If we haven't met already, you may well be able to meet me in Devizes on 19th August, Marlborough on 23rd Sept, Paxcroft (Trowbridge) on 2nd Sept, or Lyndhurst on 7th Oct. Other venues and dates will be added in the future.

I'm also offering Dog walking in the local area to get myself out and about and away from that drawing desk for a while. What better way to have a break from sitting at a desk all day than by walking with one of the locals? I'm not sure our Granville's very happy with me leaving and coming back smelling of other dogs though!

So ......back to the drawing board for me!

Love Lynda x

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