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So this is me...a pet portrait Artist!

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

In my first post, I said I would introduce my family.....just quickly so you can see who you're dealing with!

This is my lovely husband...together with our Granville on holiday in Pembrokeshire. Granville is our second Boxer dog, our first being Bob that you saw in the last blog.

We also have 2 cats........ Maine Coone cross rescues. Clarence, named because he's slightly boss-eyed sometimes! (you'll understand the reference to Daktari if you're old enough!

We live a relatively quiet life on the outskirts of a Wiltshire town surrounded by English countryside.

Together we lead a creative life! My husband is the marble and stone Sculptor and I am the Artist. At the moment I paint mostly pet portraits but I do some wildlife as well which I intend to sell as prints and originals. Who knows? In the future, I hope to hone my watercolour and acrylic skills!

So now you know who I am but hopefully, we can learn more together as we go along!

If there is anything you'd like to know, or maybe a wild animal you'd like me to draw? Just let me know!

Take Care


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